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Photography has always been a passion of mine. At school we decorated a wall in our break room with pictures, I was responsible for around 96% of them. At university it was well known that I was “surgically attached” to my camera. At any social event I will feel completely lost without it and since becoming a Mum my Little Loaf presents me with photo opportunities every day. I can’t explain my love for taking photographs, but catching a fleeting smile, a joyful tear or a cheeky grin makes me happy knowing each person will be able to relive that precious moment it was captured, every time they look at that photograph.

It is my aim to make all my sessions as relaxed as possible which is why I travel to your home or a special location for your photo sessions, so you always have everything you need for both the young and the young at heart. Wherever possible I prefer using natural light to get the best photographs and enjoy capturing the tiniest of details. Some photographs need a bit of staging, but the more natural the subject the better the memory.

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